JMR Law, PLLC can advise and assist you in a variety of legal matters: 

Civil Litigation

J. Michael Robbins of JMR Law, PLLC practices a variety of civil litigation matters. Whether you seek to recover for injuries sustained in a car accident or have been sued by someone alleging you have harmed them, trust JMR Law to represent your interests and collect the compensation you deserve.

Family Law

Divorce and child custody matters have lasting effects on many lives. For this and many other reasons, they are important, emotional and time consuming matters. Let a trusted attorney from JMR Law guide you through your property and child custody rights, and represent your interests, so you can be sure you are receiving the parental rights and property to which the law entitles you.   

Estate Planning & Probate

No one likes to think about extended sickness, debilitating physical or mental ailments or passing on and leaving their loved ones behind. But these are difficult realities we must all face at some point in our lives. Make the process easier on yourself, family and friends by allowing us to guide you through the best steps to protect yourself, your assets and those you love. Talk with a JMR Law attorney regarding wills, trusts, powers of attorney and overall estate planning. Allow us to make sure the law will work for you and your family when these difficult times arrive. 

If a loved one has already passed on, we can guide you through the process of administering their estate as the personal representative or protect your rights as a beneficiary while advising you about the applicable law and how it affects the estate administration. 

Criminal Defense

Being charged with a crime changes your life and threatens your freedom. Hiring effective criminal defense counsel will lessen the adverse impact and ensure your constitutional rights are protected. J. Michael Robbins of JMR Law, PLLC has significant experience assisting clients accused of a crime and helping them find the most effective means of defense. Allow him to make that experience work for your benefit and assist you in protecting your constitutional rights and your freedom. 

Business Advisement

Whether you are beginning a small business and need assistance incorporating or you need advice and direction regarding contactual matters affecting your longstanding business, call JMR Law for a personal consultation so we may discuss your business needs and address your concerns. JMR Law can also represent your business in its collection matters when your clients are not forthcoming with your hard earned compensation.